What's Happening in Your Area? (Norway)

Works underway in Kvilldal, Norway September 2017

All work in the tunnel between the Suldal lake and the Hylsfjord are coming to completion. 

Work is ongoing on the tunnel portal and a quay towards the Hylsfjord

At Strandanes, we have built a new quay which will be used during cable installation across the lake.

We have deposited a large amount of rock from the tunnel into the lake, we will also build a public boat ramp, and we have provided electric power to the area

At the converter site in Kvilldal, we are currently finishing a significant amount of scaling and avalanche protection work to secure the future installations from avalanches and rock falls

The civil works contract with Implenia is close to completion; we expect all work to be finished by the end of October this year

Normal work hours at site during this period is 07:00 – 19:00 Monday through Friday. However, some weekend work should be expected in September

We have entered into a contract with ABB Sweden for delivery and erection of the converter station in Kvilldal. They will mobilise on site in March, 2018, and work is expected to be ongoing until the interconnector is online at the end of 2021

The NSL project will have a project team on site throughout the construction period