What's Happening in Your Area? (Norway)

Works underway in Kvilldal, Norway

  • Tunnel works between the lake Suldalsvatnet and the Hylsfjord are nearing completion
  • Work is ongoing drilling two micro tunnels from the jointing chamber in the tunnel down to the bottom of the fjord, this will allow the cables in 2020/2021 to be pulled in through these micro tunnels and jointed to the tunnel cables
  • In Djupevik we are constructing underground cable canals from the tunnel opening into the lake
  • In Strandanes work is ongoing to build a new quay which will be used during cable installation across the lake
  • In Kvilldal work is ongoing to build three large avalanche and rock fall protection dams, this will provide protection for the converter site
  • Normal working hours at the worksite in Norway during this period is Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm
  • A dedicated team from the North Sea Link project will be present at site throughout the construction period