What's Happening in Your Area? (Norway)

Works underway in Kvilldal, Norway


  • The cable tunnel between the Suldal Lake and the Hylsfjord is finished, with some minor work remainaing on the access gates.
  • We have built a new quay, which will be used during cable installation across the lake. We have deposited a large amount of tunnel rock in the lake and have finished stabilising the waterfront to avoid erosion by wind and waves. In connection with this, we have also built a public boat ramp, and we have provided electric power to the area.
  • The groundwork contract in Kvilldal is finished and the contractor has left the site. As part of this, we have completed a significant amount of scaling and avalanche protection work to secure the future installations from avalanches and rock falls.
  • Some minor concrete work will be performed during the winter before work begins on the converter station. Normal work hours at site during this period is 07:00am – 19:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • We have entered into a contract with ABB Sweden for delivery and erection of the converter station in Kvilldal. They will mobilise on site March, 2018.
  • The NSL project have a project team on site throughout the construction period.