What's happening in your area? (UK)

Works in East Sleekburn,  

• 3-way traffic signals have been installed as a safety precaution for vehicles leaving the construction site
• Working with Northumberland County Council, the speed limit on Brock Lane has been reduced from 60mph to 30mph during the construction works
• For safety reasons the walking tracks through the converter station area will remain closed
• Temporary cabins will be onsite for the duration of the works
• 24/7 security is in place on the site
• Our standard working hours will be 07:00–18:00, Monday to Friday, and Saturday 07:00 to 13:00
The construction area south of Brock Lane will be fenced off for safety reasons during the installation of the rain water drainage
• A small staff welfare cabin will be located on site as part of the installation works
• We will be tunnelling under Brock Lane to install a drainage system from the converter station to the River Sleekburn
• We will be using the Pipe Jack method of tunnelling which allows the drainage pipe to be installed below the Brock Lane Highway without causing traffic disruption
• A temporary fence has been erected as a safety precaution around part of our site whilst the NSL team carry out work to improve the site by leveling the land and seeding it with grass
• As part of this landscaping work, the NSL team have donated 10 tonnes of topsoil to the Land Trust, custodians of Northumberlandia, to help them carryout maintenance and planting work within the 46 acre community park, which is famed for its award winning ‘Lady of North’ landscape sculpture

Update on other works in the Cambois area

• Surveys of Cambois beach and the area surrounding the slipway access have now been carried out by Contractors working on behalf of the NSL Project
• There may be further excavations needed on the beach and headland depending on the results of our survey work
• In parallel with this, mapping surveys of the seabed between Cambois and Norway are being carried out

Other site news:

The NSL site has recently been registered under the Considerate Construction Scheme, to gain the CCS registration there are a number of criterias that have to be met:

• Employment of local resource (Sub contractors & agency workers)
• Plant hire from local suppliers
• Environmental initiatives such as:
• Building a Bug Hotel
• Reuse of waste materials on site i.e. ground water being used for damping down the platform dust and building signage with wooden pallets.
• Supporting the Wild Life Trust will topsoil
• Recycling of topsoil on site (not sending off to landfill)