What's happening in your area? (UK)

Work update in East Sleekburn April 2018 - Convertor Site (North main site)

• Phase two of the converter station construction works commenced early March 2018

• The NSL appointed contractors (ABB) are currently undertaken their mobilisation works creating a site welfare setup including site offices for the workforce and on site car parking for staff and visitors. Therefore regular commuters will see a change of signage/branding including the installation of a flag (on a ground mounted flag pole adjacent to the main gates within the site boundary)

• A new set of fixed traffic lights have been installed and are in operation. The traffic lights will remain in place for the  duration of the construction works

• 24/7 Security is in place on the site and as part of the site mobilisation works a security CCTV will be installed

• The main construction works to start building/installing the converter station are planned to start in May 2018 

• The converter station site outer field has recently been levelled and grass seeded.

• For safety reasons the walking tracks through the convertor station area will remain closed

• Working with Northumberland County Council, the speed limit on Brock Lane has been reduced from 60mph to 30mph during the construction works

• Our standard working hours will be 07:00-18:00, Monday to Friday. Out of hours work may be required but this will be agreed in advance with Northumberland County Council

South Lane off Old Brock Lane

  • Construction works have now finished and the field has been reinstated
  • Following completion of the installation of the drainage headwall on the riverbank NSL has reinstated the full construction area and replanted trees and shrubs as well as laying grass seed to enable the area to return it is natural looking environment
  • Now that the plant/machinery and materials have been taken off site our contractors are now working ondilapidation works including repairing pot holes along Old Brock Lane and road sweeping the area
  • We have recently planted new trees and shrubs along the reinstated riverbank following completion of the headwall works, sadly we have noted that some of these have since been removed. The purpose of our planting was to ensure that the riverbank fits in with the surrounding environment and to return it to its original condition, before our works were carried out

Update on other works in the Cambois area

• Cambois slipway has now been closed temporarily to allow the first phase of the cable works to take place

• For safety reasons the site will be fenced off during the work

• 24/7 Security is in place on the site

• Our standard working hours will be 07:00-19:00, Monday to Friday and Saturday 07:00-13:00

• Works in the headland (land above the slipway) are programmed to be taken in normal working hours that is Monday to Friday 07:00-19:00 and Saturday 07:00-13:00 except for the cable pulling activities which will require 24 hour working. This is planned to be within two short periods of activity (each programmed as 36 hour activities)

  • Works on the beach slipway (and below) are programmed to be undertaken within the working hours of 07:00-19:00 with 24 hour working required in preparation and during the cable pull activities
  • Alternative car parks have been made available
  • We have undertaken significant improvement work to the car park on the southern site including: building two
    footpaths either side of the car park to allow public access whilst protecting the coastal dune, reinstating and resurfacing
    some 270 m2 of tarmac, removal of fly tipped and dangerous waste, increasing the area of the car park by 100m2, tidy
    and removal of overgrown shrubs and weeds, reinstalled bollards and repairing broken car park edging.