What's happening in your area? (UK)

Work update in East Sleekburn August 2018

Construction work update:

  • NSL has appointed ABB as the main contractor to build the converter station.

  • Semi-permanent traffic lights are in operation at the entrance of the converter station site.

  • Good progress is being made on the installation of the building foundations.

  • The structural steelwork has started and we have finished the steel frame for the tallest building on the site.

  • Cladding to the steel building structures is scheduled to start in August 2018.

  • The outer field where NSL planted grass seeds has recently been cut.

  • All the drainage works, included within the south field off Old Brock Lane, are now complete. The land has been reinstated and handed back to the landowner.

  • The riverbank where construction work took place has been reinstated with bushes, plants and trees. Overtime, the new vegetation will blend in with the surrounding scenery.

  • Cabins will be on site for the duration of the works.24/7 security also remains in place on site.


Update on other works in the Cambois area/slipway:

  • We are currently assessing the cable to ensure that it is sitting at the correct depth. This will mean a large vessel will be present close to the shore, and equipment also present on the beach, as part of this work. Should we need to deepen the burial of the cable, this will mean introducing a larger cable laying vessel in the current weeks. We will, of course, keep you informed as this work progresses.

  • Working in conjunction with Northumberland County Council (NCC), the planning team and beach warden, improvements have been made to the landscape and slipway.

  • The car park resurfacing has been completed along with the placement of traffic barriers and posts.

  • We have now completed the first stage of burial works of the marine cable in the near shore and intertidal area.

  • We will be surveying this using a specialist vessel next week and if needed additional burial works will be undertaken using specialised equipment.

  • Works are continuing in the near shore and intertidal areas as part of on going cable burial works.

  • In September 2018 we will be undertaking minor works on the main cable route, including managing vegetation.

  • We are working with NCC to replace the beach closure sign in the coming weeks.

  • The small compound and its security will be left in place until 2020 when the works finish.