What's happening in your area? (UK)

Works in East Sleekburn 

Construction work has started and is being carried out by Graham Construction

The initial works are to level the site and improve access

A fence has been installed to mark out the work area and to protect anyone passing by the construction site

3-way traffic signals have been installed at the junction with Brock Lane to ensure the safety of all     road users when vehicles are entering or leaving the construction site

We have worked with Northumberland County Council to protect road users’ safety by reducing the speed limit on Brock Lane from 60mph to 30mph during the construction period

The site offices are currently situated in the containers located at the entrance to the field; we will shortly be installing cabins further into the field to establish a temporary workers welfare area

The site access is from Brock Lane and is controlled by the site security team

24/7 Security is in place on the site

Update on other works in the Cambois area

Surveys of Cambois beach and the area surrounding the slipway access have now been carried out

Other surveys will be required throughout the year to enable us to prepare for the sea cable landing in 2018

Mapping surveys of the seabed between Cambois and Norway are currently being carried out

These surveys are carried out by specialist survey vessels which have all been using the facilities at the Port of Blyth