What's happening in your area? (UK)

Work update in East Sleekburn January 2019

Construction work update:

  • The steel frames for the converter station buildings are almost finished. The steel structures for the largest buildings have been installed, and the wall and roof cladding are progressing well. The colour of the cladding has been designed to break up the shape of the buildings and help it blend into the sky.

  • The semi-permanent traffic lights at the construction site entrance have been operating reliably – providing a safe way for traffic to enter and leave the construction site, with minimal disruption to local traffic.

  • This year, National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) will begin work to connect the Interconnector to the existing electricity substation in Blyth, located south of Brock Lane. The substation extension works at Brock Lane are scheduled to start in March 2019 and should take around 18 months to complete.

  • Construction site cabins will be on site for the duration of the works and 24/7 security will be in place.

  • Site investigation works for the underground cable will be carried out in the field south of Brock Lane after March 2019.

  • All drainage works, included within the south field off Old Brock Lane, are finished. The land has been reinstated and handed back to the landowner.

  • The riverbank where construction work took place during 2017 has been reinstated with bushes, plants and trees. Over time, the new vegetation will blend in with the surrounding scenery.

Engagement update:

  • The NSL project team hosted a site visit for East Bedlington Parish Council in November 2018.

  • We were also pleased to work with the Cambois Primary School to promote their School Road Safety Day.

  • The NSL site has been accredited by the Considerate Contractor Scheme.


Cable works in the Cambois area


  • Our cable installation contractors, APS, will begin work on site in Mid-April 2019.

  • Vegetation works on the main cable route, including mitigation measures for nesting birds, has been completed. 

  • The cable installation will start in mid-April and last until the end of September/October 2019.

  • Working with Northumberland County Council, new signage is in place at the slipway following the first cable works. Several other signs will also be added.

  • The small compound at the Bucca headland has been removed and will be back in position in March 2019. It will be left in place until 2020 when the works finish.